HONEY is the most wondrous elixir, unique and irreplaceable.

The absolutely natural food. Thanks to being enriched with diverse biologically active substances, which come from floral plants, and many different additives that bees are using to endow the nectar in their organisms, bee honey contains more than one hundred differing nutrients that are necessary for the development and normal functioning of the organism. In honey we can find vitamins, minerals and traces of elements. There are proteins, carbo hydrates, organic acids, hormones, antimicrobial and antibacterial factors there too. Lately, the modern science keeps giving more importance to honey, because the perfected analytical testing, which enables detailed research of the product, came to the conclusion that bee honey has exceptionally rich and complex properties, and that as an edible it is somewhere on the border between food and a cure.

Propolis in honey
Pollen in honey
Royal Jelly in honey
M-complex in honey
Ginseng in honey
Mell for women