PROPOLIS is one completely natural product. The most different natural resins collected by the bees and processed with the excretions of their glands, make up about 70 components, out of which only a third has been researched in detail. Countless numbers of research by scientific institutions proved that propolis has a very diverse effect.

Scientists from the whole world are claiming that dynamic treatment is possible with controlled doses of propolis. Here are some of the amazing discoveries where propolis showed its wondrous results. As a natural bactericide, anesthetic, antiseptic, propolis has excellent anti-inflammatory effect, as well as anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. It is exceptional for disinfection, for tooth diseases, for throat, for stomach. At the same time, it fights against sinusitis, against skin infections, ulcers, ailments and reactions from radiation. It gives great results in preventing joint, hip and gangrene inflammation, then it is efficient against warts, hemorrhoids, pollen allergy, rheumatoid fever. Salmonella and candida lose the battle against propolis. For regulating blood pressure, for arthritis, for healing burns, regenerating tissue, as well as for the complete strengthening of the immune system propolis gives the best from nature.

Dr M. J. Turell from England spoke about propolis: ’’It is the cure of the future’’.

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