ROYAL JELLY takes an honorable place among the products gifted to man by the bees.

Many scientists declared royal jelly as the elixir of life. Royal jelly contains essential nutrients necessary for maintaining good health. It contains all B-complex vitamins, then A, C, D and E vitamins, all amino acids, proteins and minerals. Stimulates recovery, alleviates anxiousness and despondency, removes insomnia, help in normalizing the bodily functions, slows the aging process and improves the power of memory. It also contains complex compounds that stimulate female and male glands and acts as a natural hormone. It showed beneficial in treating sterility. Strengthens the sexual ability. Thanks to its rich properties and ideal ratios, royal jelly represents the precious natural organism biostimulator, which gives to a man more energy and more joy in life.

Royal Jelly capsules
M-complex capsules
Royal Jelly tablets – ORANGE
Royal Jelly tablets – STRAWBERRY
Royal Jelly tablets – LEMON
Royal Jelly tablets – RASPBERRY
Royal Jelly tablets – APPLE
Matični Mleč tablete – BLUEBERRY
Royal Jelly in honey
M-complex in honey
Mell for women