ProPolisPlus® – Ginseng in honey is a complex high quality natural product that is hiding the secret of the precious and irreplaceable bee products. It is a superior bioactive matter homogenized in the ideal mixture of carefully curated types of natural bee honey and the healing ginseng root extract.

This natural dietetic supplement is used as a tonic for the general health, stimulus and energy generation. It helps in normalizing bad immunological functions, activates the immune system and increases the number and effectiveness of the disease fighting cells.

Diverse effects of ginseng created its reputation of a panacea, the wonder cure. Dr. I. I. Brekham found that ginseng acts as a mental stimulus on psychological stability, improves physical endurance and resistance, stimulates endocrine glands, as well as gonads, by increasing sexual activity and erection, therefore it is known as the best natural aphrodisiac.


  • Preventing fatigue
  • Problems with blood flow
  • Organism detox
  • Increase of physical endurance
  • Strengthening of men’s sexual drive