ProPolisPlus® – Mell for women is a complex high quality natural product that is hiding the secret of the precious and irreplaceable bee products. It is a superior bioactive matter homogenized in the ideal mixture of carefully curated types of natural bee honey and flower powder (pollen), a highly purified propolis extract and standardized lyophilized royal jelly with an addition of vitamin C.

In some cases the menopause (climax) is not a normal phase in a woman’s life but a real torment. Then, women are full of anguish and desperation. At times they are excited and irritable, at some others they are depressed. They feel diverse bodily disorders (migraines, palpitations, raised blood pressure, blood rush, heat waves, feelings of suffocation, sweating, etc.), and psychologically they are completely misbalanced (grief, neurasthenia, loss of will for living). That change leaves very unpleasant consequences on beauty, a tendency towards weight increase, varicose veins, and different kinds of dermatosis and eczema are clearly noticeable. Naturally there are the eye bags, a bad tan, swollen legs etc.

The natural revitalizing dietetic supplement Mell for women has a stabilizing effect on premenstrual ailments. It increases the libido as well. The other common effects, like weight problems and obvious signs of aging are visibly reduced. The product is also effective in fighting symptoms that come from surgery and radiotherapies.


  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Menopause (climax)
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sleep disorder
  • Immunity drop
  • Irritability
  • Stress