ProPolisPlus® – Ginseng tincture is a natural revitalizing dietetic supplement that encourages general mental and physical activity and resistance to disease, by strengthening and stimulating the endocrine glands which control the basic physiological processes, including the metabolism of vitamins and minerals.

Ginseng helps regulate the blood pressure, sugar level in blood and slows down the degeneration of cells in the human body. It is used as a general tonic and cardio – tonic.

Diverse effects of ginseng created its reputation of a panacea, the wonder cure. Dr. I. I. Brekham found that ginseng acts as a mental stimulus on psychological stability, improves physical endurance and resistance, stimulates gonads, by increasing sexual activity and erection, therefore it is known as the best natural aphrodisiac.


  • Cardiotonic
  • Preventing fatigue
  • Problems with blood flow
  • Organism detox
  • Increase of physical endurance
  • Strengthening of men’s sexual drive